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Kim Kardashian
COVERING SIRE - Pfeiffer Park Emazing

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SURI - Pfeiffer Park Kim Kardashian (3-in-1 Package)

Medium Brown
Pinjarra Machu Mayu SMF Suri
Pfeiffer Park Audrey Hepburn SB Suri
Mated to
Pfeiffer Park Emazing SLB
Due date
Cria at foot
Pfeiffer Park Quincy Jones

Kim is a quality, coloured BC2 Suri female. She has a lovely greasy fleece, with great lustre and independant lock structure. However, as a cria she was kicked in the LHS eye which resulted in her cornea erupting externally. With vet treatment the eye healed completely, however as a result she only has peripheral sight in that eye. It affects her not at all, but is the reason for her reduced pricing!

Kim has an excellent coloured Suri pedigree which includes: Pinjarra Cappa, Pinjarra Machu Mayu, Somerset Arequipa King, Aviana Farms Blaze and Aviana Farms Durango - not a bad coloured line up!  Her solid white sire, Pinarra Cappa throws colour, even grey.

She would be an excellent female for the coloured Suri breeder. Kim comes with a young male cria at foot sired by Pfeiffer Park Intrigue.  To finish off this package deal she comes pregnant, having been mated to solid light brown sire Pfeiffer Park Emazing.


  • 2019: MIC: 20.6, SD: 5.7, CF: 94.7%
  • 2018: MIC: 20.4, SD: 4.3, CF: 96.6%
  • 2017: MIC: 21.4, SD: 4.5, CF: 95.6%
  • 2016: MIC: 21.2, SD: 4.9, CF: 94.6%
  • 2015: MIC: 21.0, SD: 4.7, CF: 96.3%  

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