WORM TESTING - Wormcount

WORM TESTING - Wormcount

Alpacas need to be monitored regularly for increased worm burdens so that action can be taken before the animal suffers and productivity is reduced or you loose the animal to high worm burden.

This wormtest service specialises in worm egg counts (WEC's), as used in Wormtest and Wormbuster kits, as well as for Faecal Egg Count Reduction Tests (FECRT's) and Estimated Breeding Values (EBV's) for worm resistance. A flexible service that offers both the LOWEST price with independently assessed HIGH QUALITY results for worm egg counts for mob monitoring.

WORMCOUNT is offering Wormtest kits, which include 10 vials, gloves, and a lab request form, for the lowest price of $31.00. This price includes Reply Paid postage, and a larval differentiation. Also, the egg counts are reported on an individual basis, rather than being pooled together as is done in other laboratories, so that any animals carrying a high worm burden are not "hidden" by the rest of the samples. Additional samples cost $2.64 per animal.

Please visit my website at www.wormcount.com.au for more information.

To order a kit, send an email with your postal address and WORMCOUNT will get it in the mail ASAP. No payment is required until the kit has been returned and the egg counts conducted.

- John Gorham
- Mobile: 0417 501 958
- Email: John@wormcount.com.au