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YARN - Banana Silk

YARN - Banana Silk

Handspun yarn that is silky soft, shiny and available in 20 color choices. Knits up as bulky yarn it is great for hats, shawls, scarves and bags and has a slightly fuzzy texture and a shine like lipgloss.
Due to the nature of handspun yarns there may be tied knots or breaks in the skein.

How is it made?
> Banana stalks and leaves have long been used for fabrics. Modern methods for processing banana fibers yield what is technically a rayon fiber. Our yarn comes from reclaimed fibers from the clothing industry and is handspun by women in India. The yarn is kettle dyed.

Priced at $110per kg - sold in skeins.

Various colours including: yellow, white, orange, purple, light blue, black, lime, rose, pink and many more

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