Rockhampton - Queensland

Rockhampton - Queensland

640klms north of Queensland's capital city of Brisbane, the City of Rockhampton, known as the beef capital of Australia, is less than an hour's travel by plane or about 7hrs by road from Brisbane.

The region has a relaxed outdoor lifestyle, sub-tropical rainforests, beaches and islands. Weather patterns vary between the coast and inland, though generally the climate across the Rockhampton region is tropical and experiences only a mild winter. On average, the region has 292 sunny days a year.

The cost of living in Rockhampton is about 6% lower than Brisbane. The local government covers an area of 116,263 square kilometres.


It truly is a lovely place to live, work and play. So why not look at a tree change, with all the modern facilities of life nearby and venture into Alpacas in Central Queensland!