Only 3 ALPACAS left at less than pet price $550each, buy all three and only pay for two

Located half way between Rockhampton and Yeppoon on the Sunshine State's Capricorn Coast, in the heart of Central Queensland - a 15 minute drive from Yeppoon Beach and also from Rockhampton CBD. Our farm is nestled in a picturesque bush setting with 360 degree views of the mountains. We breed Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys in all colours, and also have alpacas, cows, miniature horses, peacocks, guinea fowls and ducks on the property roaming our paddocks.

Not much disturbs the peace out here with the exception of birds chirping away, cows contentedly mooing, the gentle humming and playful pronking of alpacas, the braying and romping of miniature donkeys through the grassy pastures of Pfeiffer Park.

We retired from breeding alpacas after 14 years in the industry, however are an agent for other alpaca breeders – helping you source the animals you desire at no cost to you. We also have developed the only medical researched alpaca feed product for Australian Alpacas to suit their exact nutritional needs – bringing them in line with their requirements from country of origin, South America. This comes from five years of research using the worlds two leading experts in alpaca livestock nutrition from Western Australia and the USA, and an investment of $500k! Contact us directly for supply of this product that will keep your animals healthy as pets or breeding stock.

We are now breeding Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys. Come visit our farm and view our pet / breeding and stud stock - getting up close with these unique and beautiful creatures. They will melt your heart and you will want them roaming your property too – they are so affectionate and love human company.

For those genuinely interested in owning or breeding donkeys or alpacas or after our feed product – you can visit by appointment anytime.